New $2.7 Million Ad Buy Urges Taxpayers to Fight Against Government Spending

August 22, 2012

AFP launching new TV initiative in five states

ARLINGTON, VA – Today Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s largest advocate for economic freedom, announced the launch of a new $2.7 million ad buy in five states focused on the big government spending policies of various officials including: Representatives Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), Joe Donnelly (D- IN), Martin Heinrich (D-NM), and Shelley Berkley (D-NV), and Former Governor Tim Kaine (D-VA). The ads, which are now being rolled out over a two-week period, will blanket airwaves statewide in every major media market in Wisconsin, Indiana, Nevada, Virginia and New Mexico.

AFP President Tim Phillips said, “These ads are about showing Americans where their officials stand on critical issues like the national debt and government spending. Irresponsible spending in government has been allowed to continue far too long. It’s time these officials stand up for the taxpayers in their state and demand Washington tighten its belt, and live within a budget.”

The first ad began airing in Wisconsin late last week, and features a simple message delivered by local residents. The ad says that politicians in Washington could learn a lot of Wisconsin’s responsible budget reforms. Big-government spenders like Representative Tammy Baldwin must end the wasteful spending that is bankrupting America.

  • The Wisconsin ad, titled “Tammy Baldwin: Stop Wasteful Spending,” can be viewed here.
  • The Nevada ad, titled “Nevada Taxpayers First,” can be viewed here.
  • The Virginia ad, titled “Smarter Spending Not Higher Taxes ,“ can be viewed here.

“Americans work too hard and pay too much in taxes for these five officials to spend so much and waste so much,” continued Phillips. “Everyone is tightening their belts, but some politicians still haven’t gotten the message. It is my hope that these ads inspire taxpayers to get in touch with their officials and convince them to stop abusing our hard earned tax dollars.”

This latest ad buy brings the total that AFP has spent on issue ads that educate activists and bring grassroots pressure on Senators and politicians to over $7 million. This effort is completely separate from the $25 million dollar express advocacy initiative focused on President Obama that was previously announced.

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