America needs Principled Conservative Leadership, Not Purges

December 08, 2012

Americans for Prosperity is disappointed with reports that four leading conservatives in the House of Representatives – Justin Amash (R-MI), Tim Huelskamp (R-KS), Walter Jones (R-NC), and David Schweikert (R-AZ) – have been punished for not falling in line with House Leadership. The stakes for fiscal responsibility have never been higher and America needs representatives who will stand strong against President Obama’s insatiable demand for tax hikes. Conservative members of Congress should be rewarded for voting according to principle and fighting for the taxpayer. Instead, it appears that freshmen are taking friendly fire for not toeing the line.

Speaker John Boehner and the rest of the House leadership should remember that the 2010 election was a referendum on the fiscal irresponsibility that led to the current crisis. The majority of the representatives elected that year still hold office and their voters still want fiscal restraint, not higher taxes. Speaker Boehner appears not to have learned these lessons by proposing insufficient spending cuts, while leaving the door open to President Obama’s tax hikes.

Demoting members from key committees who honor their promises to voters and say “no” to ever-growing government and higher taxes is not a winning strategy. Speaker Boehner needs the support of these members and the groups and individual constituents they represent if he is going to have a strong hand in negotiations with the White House. Rather than undermining some of his most principled allies, Speaker Boehner should promote and encourage the representatives who best understand the nature of our current crisis.

Americans for Prosperity’s 2.2 million activists are watching Congress closely and will hold all of Congress accountable for what happens during the lame duck.

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