AFP Continues ObamaCare Ad Effort with New Launch

August 15, 2013

Six figure radio ad buy highlights ongoing doubt and concerns about ObamaCare

Arlington, VA – Today Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s foremost free market grassroots advocate, announced the launch of a six-figure radio ad buy in six states urging individuals to question whether ObamaCare will provide them with the best quality healthcare.

“This ad is the latest of our ongoing efforts to educate on the negative consequence of President Obama’s healthcare law,” said AFP President Tim Phillips. “Despite the rosy picture being painted by the White House, for millions of Americans ObamaCare means higher premiums, less choice, and more government intrusion into their private healthcare decisions.

The new radio ad, called “Questions,” features the story of Julie, a mother of three who started paying close attention to her family’s healthcare options after her son began having seizures. The threat of shrinking options, higher premiums, and Washington bureaucrats making healthcare decisions leaves her with serious concerns about ObamaCare.

The new ad also features recent headlines that reflect the shared concerns of doctors and patients:

“Confusion & Doubt Are Prognosis for Obamacare,” ABC News,

“Doctors are Skeptical and Confused about Obamacare,” CNBC.

Listeners of the new ad are directed to visit ObamaCareRiskFactors.com, where an online calculator will assess each individual’s risk of suffering painful effects of the new law, and enable them to share their own risk factors.

In conjunction with the radio and TV buy, AFP state chapters are hosting events around the country to further educate and provide information on the negative consequences of ObamaCare.

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