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Local Towns and Schools are trying to bust their budgets

March 19, 2013 J,

Dear Patriots,

First of all, thank you to all of you who contacted your State Senator and asked them to oppose the extension of the moratorium on Hydraulic Fracturing in NY State.  Your efforts paid off! I am pleased to report the bill is being pushed into committee where it will likely die.

Thank you again… but don’t stop now! We need your vigilance again.

As you may know, at this very moment here in our great state when the average family has to tighten their belt and make do with less, our elected officials and our fearless teachers’ union are doing nothing to curb spending. That means we all need to start watching our town and school budgets closely as the union sues to override the state cap on property taxes. That means they want more of our money.

A recent review of the IRS filings from the NY State United Teachers (NYSUT) reveals that the union is 30 Million Dollars in the hole. Not surprising, considering that more than half of their employees make more than $100,000 a year. Despite losing 35,000 teaching jobs since 2008, they have managed to take in 10% more in dues. Additionally, they doled out raises in the amount of 24% and 165% for their boss and treasurer, respectively, during that time period.

If your family budget was that deep in debt, wouldn’t you tighten up and cut back until you could cover expenses?!

Apparently the union disagrees and thinks that taxpayers in our state should just extend them more money. That’s why they are suing to break the state cap on property taxes which would enable them to keep spending even at a time when their own members are having a difficult time staying employed.

You can read more about it HERE.

Ever since the tax cap was passed many people have breathed a sigh of relief in the hope that the time of runaway spending was over. But alas, government bureaucrats have figured out a way to circumvent the tax caps. Already in Utica, the Council voted to override the property tax capYour city or town may be next!

Now more than ever it is important for every one of us to remain vigilant and watch our local elected officials and school boards. Now that Utica has voted to surpass the tax cap, other cities and towns will attempt to do so as well.  If you know of cases of this in your town, I encourage you to email the details to infoNY@afphq.org.

Thank you for all you do!

Chris Trimarchi
NY Field Director

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