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"RGGI On The Run" Rally - Wednesday, June 8 in NYC

June 01, 2011 J

The RGGI Cap & Trade scheme is on the run…and now is the time to send RGGI to the ash heap of history!

CLICK HERE now to register for a FREE bus to our “RGGI On The Run” Rally in New York City.

The RGGI bureaucrats are not giving up. The next secret auction of carbon permits is June 8 and AFP will be there to send a message that we will not stop until the RGGI Cap & Trade scheme is totally dismantled!

Last week, Governor Christie delivered the RGGI scheme a severe blow when he annlounced that New Jersey would be pulling out of the ten-state pact by the end of the year.

Without New Jersey’s participation, a geographic hole has been blown into the regional Cap & Trade scheme.

But this is not the end of the RGGI Cap & Trade scheme.

Nothing less than a complete repeal of the laws that paved the way for New Jersey’s entry into RGGI will be satisfactory.

And so long as the other nine states continue to participate in RGGI, the threat of Cap & Trade remains alive and well.

So, join us on Wednesday in New York City where we will be protesting outside the RGGI offices on 90 Church Street.

Let’s send a strong message that we will not stop until the RGGI Cap & Trade scheme is dismantled state by state!

When: Wednesday, June 8 at 12:00 Noon
Where: Outside RGGI’s offices located at 90 Church Street in lower Manhattan (near Ground Zero)

Buses will be departing from various locations in the tri-state area.

CLICK HERE to register now and reserve your space. Hurry! Buses will be filling up fast!

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