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Rep. Steve Pearce shares Congressional outlook with AFPNM

January 23, 2013


Congressional Outlook: 113th Congress

Americans for Prosperity
Dear Friends,
I hope and pray that 2013 brings success, joy, and happiness for each and
every one of you.  And, I want to thank you for your hard work and
interest in restoring America’s freedom and future.

The 113th Congress convenes as Americans continue to face an overwhelming
national debt, staggering unemployment, struggling small businesses, and
continued inflation as the government prints money and devalues our
savings.  Washington keeps telling America, “we’ll fix it next year,” even
as government spending, taxes, and the national debt rise at unprecedented

Of course, the latest example of this was the recent “fiscal cliff” deal. 
I voted against this plan, because it did nothing to solve the problems
facing the country.  In fact, it made them worse!  As a result of the
deal, New Mexico’s families will see higher taxes–$500 a year on average.
This is money most New Mexicans don’t have, and it’s being taken for
programs we don’t need.

Soon, we will again reach the debt ceiling, and Washington will again have
to decide whether to keep the status quo of more spending and more debt,
or finally address our fiscal problems and get our country back on track
to prosperity.  Please contact your representatives in Congress and the
Senate, and hold them accountable.  Speak up, and remind them that we
can’t afford to pass the buck.  Tell them that you want your children to
inherit a free, prosperous, debt-free America.

This year, we will see more need to stand up than ever before.  You know
the challenges that are hindering job growth and prosperity in New Mexico
and across the country.  You know the devastating impact of new
regulations and new taxes.  You know what needs to change in Washington.
As we face the year ahead, I think of the story of John Quincy Adams and
Abraham Lincoln.  After his presidency, Adams returned to Congress to
speak against the issue of slavery.  He was ridiculed for this, but his
words finally caught the ears of a young man who would become our
sixteenth president.  This year, please remember that one person can make
a difference, and that by standing up for our rights and our freedoms, you
can change the course of our great nation.

Thank you for making your voice heard, and for all your hard work-in the
face of mounting adversity-to keep our country moving forward.  Cynthia
and I wish you and your family all the best in the year ahead.
God bless,
Steve Pearce

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