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Who Should Manage NM's Public Lands?

September 10, 2013

Please join in on a special meeting of Southern New Mexico citizens to discuss our public lands. It will be held on September 17 at 2:00 pm at the State Engineer’s Office located at 301 S. Tin in Deming, NM. There are a number of NM citizens who have been subjected to the red tape and federal bureaucracy involved in controlling our own rural lands.

State Representative Yvette Herrell, who represents District 51 (Otero County) will give a presentation on legislation presented during the last session in Santa Fe to address the federal government’s overreach and restore Constitutionally-limited government. Representative Herrell will provide an update on the proposed legislation for New Mexico.

We hope to see you there! Please also sign our petition to ask the federal government to allow New Mexicans to control– and reap the benefits from — our own lands!

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A message from State Representative Yvette Herrell:

The purpose of our meeting on Tuesday, September 17th is to help educate the state legislators, counties, soil and water conservation districts and other interested parties on the importance of passing legislation similar to Utah’s HB 148.

New Mexico has over 45% of our public land managed by the federal government. We should have been given title to these lands at statehood according to our Enabling Act. As a state, we are sending OVER HALF of the revenues generated from royalties to the federal government. If we were managing our own lands, those dollars would stay in New Mexico and provide the revenues we need to provide adequate education, create jobs and manage our forests and other natural resources.

Please visit http://www.americanlandscouncil.org/ to get more detailed information about the purpose of this bill. New Mexico is not alone. You will see that clearly the western states are at a disadvantage. Only 5% of the lands east of Colorado are controlled by the federal government and over 50% of the lands in the western states.

I look forward to this opportunity to visit with folks in southwest New Mexico about this very important effort.

Yvette Herrell

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