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Americans for Prosperity’s Taxpayer Scorecard is the state’s premier legislative scorecard providing taxpayers the most thorough, in-depth evaluation of the performance of all 120 Trenton lawmakers based on their votes on key fiscal legislation affecting our wallets, pocketbooks and the state’s economy!

Want to know if your representative in Trenton is a Taxpayer Hero or a Taxpayer Zero? See below to find out!

AFP Releases Midterm Taxpayer Scorecard for the 2012-2013 Legislative Session!

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Midterm Taxpayer Scorecard – 2012-2013 Legislative Session by AFPHQ_NewJersey

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AFP Taxpayer Scorecard – 214th Legislative Session, 2010-2011

AFP Taxpayer Scorecard 2010-2011

Taxpayer Scorecard-One Page Version by AFPHQ_NewJersey

AFP’s Top-Rated Legislators – Heroes and Defenders of the Taxpayer

The 2010-2011 Legislative Session saw five legislators earn AFP’s coveted “Hero of the Taxpayer” award with exemplary ratings of 90% and higher. These legislators included:

  • Sen. Mike Doherty (R-23) – 93%
  • Asm. John DiMaio (R-23) – 94%
  • Asm. Erik Peterson (R-23) – 93%
  • Asm. Michael Patrick Carroll (R-25) – 92%
  • Asw. Alison Littell McHose (R-24) – 90%

Additionally, 14 legislators were awarded with our “Defender of the Taxpayer” designation for achieving Taxpayer Scores between 80-89%.

  • Sen. Steve Oroho (R-24) – 84%
  • Sen. Gerry Cardinale (R-39) – 80%
  • Asm. Jay Webber (R-26) – 89%
  • Asm. Gary Chiusano (R-24) – 88%
  • Asm. Scott Rumana (R09) – 88%
  • Asm. Anthony M. Bucco (R-25) – 84%
  • Asw. DiAnne Gove (R-09) – 84%
  • Asm. Brian Rumpf (R-09) – 84%
  • Asm. David Russo (R-40) – 83%
  • Asm. Samuel Thompson (R-13) – 82%
  • Asw. Denise Coyle (R-16) – 81%
  • Asm. Alex DeCroce (R-26) – 80%
  • Asm. David Rible (R-11) – 80%
  • Asw. Amy Handlin (R-13) – 80%

AFP’s Taxpayer Zeroes

The bad news for taxpayers is that far too many of our representatives in Trenton are failing to stand up for their interests. No less than 66 out of 70 sitting Legislative Democrats were branded as “Taxpayer Zeroes” for 2010-2011 with scores ranging from 0-29%! Not one Democratic legislator achieved a rating above 40%.

Despite the state’s fiscal problems, including more than $60 BILLION in debt, the majority party in the state Legislature continues to push to spend more and more of your tax dollars on their failed, liberal, Big Government agenda.

Get Involved and Take Action!

The Taxpayer Scorecard is intended to empower you, the citizen, to take the necessary action to hold your elected representatives accountable for their stances on the legislation affecting the state’s finances and the finances, tax burden and quality of life of every New Jerseyan. CLICK HERE to contact your legislator!