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PR: Left Wing Radicals Harness the Power of Child Labor on “Global Wind Day”

June 13, 2012

For Immediate Release – June 13, 2012

Left-Wing Radicals Harness the Power of Child Labor on “Global Wind Day”

Global Environmentalists Exploiting, Indoctrinating Kids to Advance Their Radical “Green” Agenda

BOGOTA,NJ– Global environmentalists connected with the radical Party of European Socialists are indoctrinating and manipulating innocent children as props to advance their radical “renewable” energy schemes.

Examination of the website GlobalWindDay.org reveals a concentrated effort to indoctrinate small children into a cult-like movement to force taxpayers to provide massive subsidies for on land, and the even more costly, offshore wind mills.

“These European eco-zealots are penetrating our grammar schools with a bizarre program of indoctrination that includes forcing little children to color in propaganda style coloring books while being taught that the world will end if windmills don’t come to the rescue,” stated AFP New Jersey state director Steve Lonegan.

“Meanwhile, these environmentalist radicals are receiving enormous funding from the project’s major benefactors: General Electric, Siemen’s, Lockheed Martin, Bloomberg New Energy Finance, and Ernst & Young, the international corporations that stand to profit handsomely from these schemes.”

“This is disturbing and really quite sick. What we are seeing is a bunch of very radical and extreme elements of the environmental movement attempting to brainwash kids and then use them as props and human shields in their quest to foist their European-style, anti-free-market, globalist ‘green’ agenda on the world.”

“People, especially parents, need to be made aware of this and that’s exactly what AFP is going to do this Friday. We won’t be stopped by their efforts to intimidate and silence us,” concluded Lonegan.

Below is a list of a number of “Global Wind Day” activities aimed at brainwashing kids with the environmentalist’s windmill propaganda.

North America

  • On Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head,North Carolinaat 10:30 A.M. and 1 o’clock P.M. they will indoctrinate children by using model turbines and kites to show them how wind energy works.
  • At the State House inBostonat 9 A.M., they will rally in favor of legislation (S 2214) that will make it easier to bring new wind projects online by extending and expanding the ability for utilities and project developers to enter into long-term contracts.
  • InOcean City,NJ, the Sierra Club will hand out free kites to the first 40 people who show up for their kite flying event.
  • The Universidad Politécnica de Estadio de Guerrero inMexicowill host some presentations and a roundtable with people from the wind industry and will cap it off with a poetry and painting contest


  • In Karystos and Nea Stira, “the weekend is dedicated to teaching the next generation” about wind energy through “special workshops”.
  • In Marousi there will be a puppet show for children and their families.
  • InAthens, children up to age 12 can participate in a painting contest. To enter they will need to provide their name and contact information on the back of the painting.


  • InMadrid, schoolchildren will be lectured about wind power and be able to make drawings about wind energy. Afterwards they will be videotaped and asked about what they learned.


  • The European Wind Energy Association is having a photo competition. The winning photos will be shown before the EU Parliament inBrussels.
  • In Beverin, schoolchildren will be provided propaganda that is “adapted to their age and interests” about how great wind energy is.


  • InLakeJarunthey are hosting a windsurfing education program, art competition, and lectures on wind energy for “children and young people”.


  • Aumelas: Kite initiation for children
  • Le Pouzin, Pays de Saint-Seine: school field trip to a wind farm
  • Pays de Boussac: winners of a drawing contest will get to name wind turbines and kids will be “baptizing” wind turbines
  • InPoitiers, attendees will make a human wind turbine near town hall


  • In Breverhaven, approximately 2500 schoolchildren will participate in the “Climate Run”. Ambassadors will donate one Euro for each lap that will go to fund ecological projects for local schools and partner schools inAfrica.
  • There will be festivals nearOldenburgandLubeckwhere there will be “experiments” and “special events” for children who attend
  • In Helmstadt, there will be a balloon competition for children


  • In Cootehill and Knockawarriga, primary schoolchildren will be lectured about wind farm operations
  • In Drumquin, RES, a renewable energy company, will pay for school visits to wind farms

Northern Ireland

  • In Balemoney, Dungiven, and Fintona, RES, a renewable energy company, will pay for school visits to wind farms
  • NearDerryCity, they will have a barbeque, face-painting, and a magic show for children at the Slieve Kirk wind farm


  • In Viana de Castelo, representatives of the ENERCON corporation will visit a kindergarten to talk about wind energy

United Kingdom

  • KingsLangley: in an event not open to the general public, 6 and 7 year old schoolchildren will be indoctrinated into the wonders of wind energy
  • Multiple primary schools will visit the Taff Ely wind farm

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