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PR: Americans for Prosperity Takes Wind out of Enviros Sails with “Global Wind Day” Counter-Protests

June 15, 2012

For Immediate Release – June 15, 2012

Americans for Prosperity Takes Wind out of Enviros Sails with “Global Wind Day” Counter-Protests

Conservative Activists Rally to Oppose Offshore Wind Subsidies, Globalist Environmental Agenda

“GOBAL WIND DAY” COUNTER-PROTEST LINKS: Steve Lonegan Remarks (Video), Assemblyman Carroll Remarks (Video), Pictures

DATELINE: ASBURY PARK,NJ– Several dozen Americans for Prosperity citizen activists gathered on the beach inAsbury Park, and alsoOceanCity, today to make their voices heard in opposition to a globalist environmental agenda aimed at forcing taxpayers to subsidize uneconomical offshore wind power.

Americans for Prosperity state director Steve Lonegan took direct aim at the environmentalists on the opposite end of a sun-drenchedAsbury Parkbeach who were flying kites in the name of wind energy.

“They want our electricity rates to skyrocket like their kites are flying up in the sky. Well, kites don’t heat houses, folks,” said a booming Lonegan. “Flying kites on a beach isn’t going to bring jobs back to the State of New   Jersey!”

Lonegan stated that, “Offshore wind is the most expensive form of alternative energy on the planet” while in the foreground an AFP-sponsored plane flying overhead displayed a message to beach-goers: “Save Our Beaches – Stop Windmills Off The Jersey Shore.”

“We need to cut taxes, not fly kites,” Lonegan said.

Morris County Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll (R-25) also spoke before the assembled crowd and affirmed his stance against offshore wind.

“There is one simple, undeniable fact of wind power: absent unaffordable taxpayer or ratepayer subsidies no sane person would ever consider building such a project,” Carroll said.

Referring to the Offshore Wind Economic Development Act, which authorizes a $100 million taxpayer subsidy to install a wind farm off of the Jersey Shore, Carroll warned, “If we build this project it will increase our costs even further and we will all suffer more.”

“Carroll went on to say that “We have almost a perfect storm of governmental incompetence: higher electric rates, more unemployment, depressed income and essentially no measurable environmental benefit. It makes absolutely no sense to spend taxpayer or ratepayer funds on such a project.”

Rich Miner, A Sussex County Republican Councilman, read a statement on behalf of Assemblywoman Alison Littell McHose (R-24) who was unable to attend the rally. Earlier this week McHose introduced a bill (A3108) aimed at repealing wind energy subsidies inNew Jersey, which also has the backing of her Assembly colleague, Michael Patrick Carroll.

“The last thing the United States needs and the taxpayers of New Jersey, in particular, is to be suckered into following mandates from third world dictators and global socialists who dictate policy to the U.N. and then have the U.N. dictate policy to us.”

McHose’s statement called the Offshore Wind Economic Development Act a “boondoggle” which spurred the introduction of her repeal legislation.

In concluding the rally, AFP’s Lonegan declared that “Global Wind Day” was part of a larger globalist agenda emanating from the U.N. and coinciding with the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development conference kicking off today in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

“They think they’re winning,” said Lonegan. “But I have a message from Asbury Park, New Jersey to the U.N. delegates in Rio De Janeiro: Go fly a kite!”

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