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AFP-NJ Launches "Jobs First" Ad Blitz!

October 17, 2013

AFP has launched a new “Jobs First” TV and radio ad blitz highlighting the legislative records of various Trenton lawmakers! The “Jobs First” ads aim to build grassroots pressure on these representatives to abandon their failing, big-government agenda in Trenton and start working to help create jobs in New Jersey!

AFP has also launched a new website called BlameTrenton.com where citizens can contact their legislators and learn the facts about their voting records on key fiscal issues affecting their wallets and pocketbooks.

LISTEN HERE to a version of AFP’s “Jobs First” radio ad highlighting District 14 legislators’ support of a job-killing income tax hike!

Watch the District 14 version of the “Jobs First” TV ad below!

AFP’s “Jobs First” ads will run across the state and focus on the following legislators:

  • District 1: Asm. Nelson Albano and Asm. Rob Andrzejczak (Press release)
  • District 2: Sen. Jim Whelan (Press release)
  • District 3: Sen. Steve Sweeney, Asm. John Burzichelli and Asw. Celeste Riley (Press release)
  • District 7: Asm. Herb Conaway and Asm. Troy Singleton (Press release)
  • District 14: Sen. Linda Greenstein, Asm. Daniel Benson and Asm. Wayne DeAngelo (Press release)
  • District 18: Asm. Peter Barnes and Asm. Patrick Diegnan (Press release)
  • District 38: Sen. Bob Gordon and Asm. Tim Eustace (Press release)

Visit BlameTrenton.com to access all of AFP’s new TV and radio spots!

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