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June 11, 2012

AFP Foundation’s Great Thinkers Book Club!

Want to learn more about the principles of Economic Freedom? Then join  our sister organization, Americans for Prosperity Foundation, each Thursday at  12 NOON through August 16 for a series of special Great Thinkers Book Club  discussions!

Each week AFP Foundation will discuss an essay or article on economics from a  number of Great Thinkers including Milton Friedman, F.A. Hayek, Frederic Bastiat  and more! Best of all this discussion is available to you FREE on the  Internet!

Below is the course syllabus. Be sure to download and read each piece prior  to our discussion!

CLICK HERE TO ACCESS  THE LINK TO THIS WEEK’S WEBINAR! You will be prompted to enter your  name and e-mail address. A dial-in number will also come up so you can listen  and discuss the topic with us.

Friday, June 1, 12PM Noon Why  I’m Not a Conservative, F.A. Hayek

Thursday, June 7, 12PM Noon The  Federalist, No. 10, James Madison

Thursday, June 14, 12PM Noon Justice  as Fairness, John Rawls

Thursday, June 21, 12PM Noon Buddhist  Economics, E.F. Schumacher

Thursday, June 28, 12PM Noon I,  Pencil, Leonard Read

Thursday, July 5, 12PM Noon Made Orders and Spontaneous Orders,  F.A. Hayek

Thursday, July 12, 12PM Noon What  is Seen and What is Not Seen, Frederic Bastiat

Thursday, July 19, 12PM Noon The  Use of Knowledge in Society, F.A. Hayek

Thursday, July 26, 12PM Noon Free to Choose, Two Chapters, Milton  Friedman

Thursday, August 2 NOTE: National summit week, no reading

Thursday, August 9, 12PM Noon How  Did Economists Get It So Wrong?, Paul Krugman

Thursday, August 16, 12PM Noon The  Law, Frederic Bastiat

We look forward to your participation!

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