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Stop Trenton’s Minimum-Wage Hike

November 28, 2012 J

TAKE ACTION: Contact your Representatives in Trenton NOW and Tell Them to Vote NO on Job-Destroying Minimum-Wage Hike!

New Jersey is still struggling with unemployment close to 10%, yet Trenton liberals are poised to make things worse by passing a whopping 17% increase in the state’s minimum-wage!

Hiking New Jersey’s minimum-wage from $7.25 to $8.50 an hour will destroy more jobs in New Jersey, especially for low-skilled workers and teenagers looking to gain valuable job experience and save and invest for their future.

It gets worse. The latest plan to hike the minimum-wage includes an escalator clause, meaning that no matter the economic conditions the minimum-wage will go up every year!

And just to top things off Trenton liberals are pushing for both a bill and a constitutional amendment to make this a reality.

Take Action Now to Stop These Disastrous Proposals!

Contact your representatives and tell them to stop destroying jobs in New Jersey!

Tell them to vote NO on A2162/S3 and SCR1!

AFP will be key voting these bills on our Taxpayer Scorecard!

CLICK HERE to read a Wall Street Journal op-ed on the job-destroying impacts of the Minimum Wage by Walter Williams!

CLICK HERE to read AFP Foundation’s “Need to Know” policy paper on the minimum-wage!

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