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ObamaCare in NJ: Moment of Truth for Gov. Christie

November 14, 2012 J,

UPDATE: The deadline for states to inform the federal government of their intent to create an exchange has been moved to Friday, Dec. 14. However, Gov. Christie must act on the bill passed by the NJ Legislature by Thursday, Dec. 6. Activists are urged to keep urging the governor to oppose this bill and stand up to the federal takeover.

Contact Gov. Christie now! Urge him to stop the creation of an ObamaCare Exchange in New Jersey!

Call the governor at 609-292-6000!

D-Day for ObamaCare in New Jersey and across the nation is this Friday, November 16. That’s the day states must inform the feds whether or not they will commit to creating one of ObamaCare’s bureaucratic “exchanges”.

The exchanges are, in statist-speak, ”marketplaces” where health care consumers can shop for the best insurance deal on plans meeting the law’s minimal requirements. But as AFP policy analysts have often noted, nothing could be further from the truth. The exchanges will be controlled by Washington D.C.’s iron fist, putting HHS bureaucrats between patients and their doctors.

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Creation of an exchange in New Jersey would also open the door for penalizing New Jersey’s struggling businesses and entrepreneurs. The tax for not offering “compliant” insurance plans can run as high as $3000 per employee. Imposing a centrally-planned, government-controlled health care system is already bad enough medicine. But whacking New Jersey’s struggling businesses with more taxes in a terrible economic climate and with unemployment hovering around 10% (near the highest in the nation) is the last thing our state needs.

Governor Christie must act by Friday and it’s imperative that he hear from citizens who oppose this assult on our health care freedom.

Click here now to sign AFP’s action alert letter to the governor.

 And follow up with a phone call to his office at 609-292-6000!

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