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PR: Solar Scam: Lonegan Charges State Senator Bob Gordon (D-38) with Conflict of Interest, Ethics Violation

October 27, 2011

For Immediate Release – October 27, 2011

Solar Scam: Lonegan Charges State Senator Bob Gordon (D-38) with Conflict of Interest, Ethics Violation

Complaint Alleges District 38 Lawmaker Used His Power as Member of Senate Environment Committee to Enrich Himself at Taxpayer Expense

LINK: Senator Gordon Ethics Complaint

BOGOTA, NJ – Americans for Prosperity state director Steve Lonegan has filed a complaint today with the Joint Committee on Ethical Standards against state Senator Bob Gordon (D-38). The complaint alleges that Gordon, and his wife, Gail Balph Gordon, both financially gained from the state senator’s support of legislation providing taxpayer-funded grants for various environmental projects.

Detailed in the complaint are Senator Gordon’s ties to a solar panel manufacturer, Swan Creek Energy, LLC, which was the recipient of taxpayer-funded grants to install solar panels throughout New Brunswick, NJ, and to “build and operate a solar energy system on the grounds of the West Amwell municipal building.” Swan Creek is the “principal client” of Senator Gordon’s limited liability company, The Goldfinch Group, LLC.

According to records, in 2010 The Goldfinch Group, LLC received “between $25,000 and $49,999” from Swan Creek, while Gordon’s wife “received an infusion of between $25,000 and $99,999 from Swan Creek during the 2009-2010 periods.”

Americans for Prosperity state director Steve Lonegan issued the following statement:

“The only green jobs these subsidies are creating are for Bob Gordon and his family. While our electric rates are skyrocketing and working families across the state are unable to pay their bills, Senator Gordon is getting rich by forcing taxpayers and ratepayers to buy his inefficient ‘green’ technology. Senator Gordon’s predecessor was Joe Coniglio, who went to prison for steering state tax money into his own pocket. It’s time the same people who brought Joe Coniglio to justice take a close look at Bob Gordon.”

“I doubt this is an isolated instance. I suspect that hundreds of millions of dollars are being funneled to politically-connected companies in an income redistribution scheme where the only thing ‘green’ is the money taken from working families that is redistributed to the ‘1%’ who are getting rich off the green energy scam.”

“This kind of crony capitalism is simply outrageous and I urge the Joint Committee on Ethical Standards to launch a full and thorough investigation of this matter and, if the charges are deemed to be true, to hold Sen. Gordon fully accountable for his actions.”

Please see above for a copy of the complaint submitted today to the Joint Committee on Ethical Standards. Mr. Lonegan is available for further comment at 201-487-8844.

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