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Taxpayer Minute Spots Highlight Corporate Welfare, Toll Hikes

October 10, 2011 J

Most Americans are tired of their taxpayer dollars going to fund Wall Street bailouts and crony capitalism. But here in New Jersey, the corporate welfare culture continues unabated…from the $260M bailout of the Revel Casino in Atlantic City to the $200M bailout of the Xanadu Mall project in the Meadowlands.

NJ Corporate Welfare

Read more about the $260 MILLION Revel Casino bailout…

AFP: NJ Bailout of Morgan Stanley Revel Casino in Atlantic City–Getting Rich Making Dumb Decisions

CBS New York: Stalled Revel Casino To Resume Work, Open In 2012

Read more about the $200 MILLION bailout of the Xanadu Mall project…

Columbia Journalism Review: Too Big to Fail: New Jersey Mall Edition

NY Times: Developers and Christie Detail a Plan for Xanadu

CLICK HERE to listen to the Taxpayer Minute radio ad regarding on corporate welfare in New Jersey.

Port Authority Toll Hikes

Meanwhile, the recent Hudson River toll hikes imposed by the Port Authority are also ripping off motorists across the tri-state region. Instead of being used to fund the maintenance of our roads and bridges, these toll hikes are being used to finance cost overruns associated with construction of the new World Trade Center site and to pay the six figure salaries of top level members at the Port Authority.

Star-Ledger Editorial Board: Port Authority must realign priorities, use tolls for intended purpose

CLICK HERE to listen to the Taxpayer Minute radio ad on the Port Authority toll hikes.

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