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Hands Off My Health Care Forum Educates New Jersey Citizens on Looming Dangers of Obamacare

September 16, 2011 J

For Immediate Release – September 15, 2011

Hands Off My Health Care Forum Educates New Jersey Citizens on Looming Dangers of Obamacare

Former NY Lt. Governor Betsy McCaughey, Leading Obamacare Experts Detail Destructive Elements of Federal Health Care Takeover, Reiterate Call to Repeal Catastrophic Law


DATELINE: PARAMUS, NJ – Several hundred New Jersey citizens turned out tonight at Bergen Community College in Paramus to hear from a number of leading authorities and experts on the federal health care takeover.

Former New York Lt. Governor Betsy McCaughey delivered the keynote address. McCaughey, a leading authority on Obamacare, warned that “Obamacare will bankrupt this nation” and “shreds our constitutional rights.” The legislation, said McCaughey, “expands the powers of IRS to track you down and penalize you if you fail to comply,” adding, “for first time in history this law empowers the federal government to dictate how doctors treat their patients.”

McCaughey said Obamacare will mean less care for seniors because the “cuts are so severe that some hospitals will stop taking Medicare” leaving their “fate in the hands” of the so-named Independent Payment Advisory Board, or IPAB; a group of 15 “unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats.”

The former New York Lt. Governor was encouraged by the multi-state lawsuit now proceeding through the courts. “With the U.S. Constitution on our side we will prevail,” she said. “In our country the rule of law is king – not Mr. Obama.”

Talk radio host Steve Malzberg, formerly of WOR radio in New York, called Obamacare “a disaster” and decried the federal takeover, saying, “Yes there are death panels, yes there is rationing, yes they are going to kill grandma and grandpa and kids with disabilities. Yes they are!”

A Blue Ribbon Panel including Robert Moffit of The Heritage Foundation, Donald A. McCain of Hackensack University Medical Center, Phillip Affuso of the American Urological Society, and Alex Cortes of Let Freedom Ring also addressed the audience and fielded questions.

Heritage’s Robert Moffit said that, despite the claims of the Obama administration, Obamacare “guarantees that millions of Americans will lose what they have today and be transitioned to public health insurance.” Moffit also warned that the legislation will result in “30-50% of employers [dropping] coverage” affecting upwards of “35 million Americans.”

Donald A. McCain called Obamacare “an effort to keep the masses easily manipulated” and have government make decisions for them; lamenting what he called a “knows little, cares less generation”. McCain added, “This is about removal if individualized care.”

Alex Cortes of Let Freedom Ring, speaking about health care waivers, said that the HHS “has no legal authority to give out the waivers they’re giving.” Cortes also sounded the alarm bell about a future shortage of “125 thousand doctors” which would result in seniors on Medicare receiving even less care as doctors opt to care for patients with private insurance.

Cortes noted that Obamacare “violates the separation of powers” by, for the first time, empowering a board to set “Medicare reimbursement rates, not Congress.” Cortes predicted a lawsuit on this aspect of the health law.

Phillip Affuso echoed the sentiments of Alex Cortes, saying that “less and less doctors” will be staying in Medicare. Affuso bluntly added, “Obamacare is one giant step towards socialized medicine.”

Affuso also warned that we will “pay more and get less….there will be higher premiums and more taxes…and the cost of Obamacare is going to be mammoth.”

Affuso concluded by saying that the uncertainty Obamacare has caused “[is] killing job creation in this country.”

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