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Urgent: Take Action on RGGI

February 14, 2012 J

Take Action Now to Stop the RGGI Counter-Attack!

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Last week, AFP alerted you about the RGGI counter-attack.

Now, it’s time to take action!

On Thursday, the Assembly will vote on Bill A1998, an attempt to force New Jersey back into the job-destroying RGGI Cap & Trade scheme!

You and I did not come this far to allow liberals in Trenton, beholden to far left environmental special interests groups, to push their radical agenda unopposed.

CLICK HERE to Take Action Now!

Let your representatives in Trenton know that you’ve had enough of them raising your taxes to pay for their so-called “green” energy schemes!

Prefer to call your representatives in the legislature? CLICK HERE to find the contact information for your representative in the General Assembly!

AFP will be key voting this bill on our Taxpayer Scorecard!

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