June 22 Action Alert: Paid Sick Mandate Moving Again

The Legislature is poised to move legislation mandating that every employer in the state be forced to offer paid sick leave for both full-time and part-time workers. Opposing this mandate is one of AFP’s legislative priorities for 2015 and Assembly and Senate votes will be included on our Taxpayer Scorecard. Activists are urged to take […]

Assembly Labor Vote On Paid Sick Mandate, Mon. 10/27

October 24, 2014J

Two weeks ago the Assembly Labor Committee held a discussion-only hearing on a destructive paid sick leave mandate. This coming Monday the committee will vote to move this legislation (A2354). The following members need to hear from activists now: Asm. Ronald Dancer | AsmDancer@njleg.org | 609-758-0205 Asm. Joseph Egan | AsmEgan@njleg.org | 732-855-7441 Asm. Craig […]

Legislative Alert: Thursday, May 15

A number of bad bills are on tap for Thursday, May 5. The Assembly Labor Committee (Committee Room 15, 4th Floor, at 10AM) will take up several measures which would impose further mandates on job creators. A2345, The Wage Transparency Act Forces employers contracting with the State to disclose certain information about their employees A2873, […]

Urge Gov. Christie to Veto Union PLA Bill!

UPDATE (4/15): Gov. Christie has issued an absolute veto on the PLA bill. Please contact the governor at 609-292-6000 to thank him for standing up for taxpayers on this issue! The Hurricane Sandy crisis shouldn’t be used to line the pockets of Big Labor Union Bosses and expand the use of cost-inflating Project Labor Agreements! […]

Big Labor PLA Bill Targets Hurricane Sandy Relief!

January 11, 2013J

Should the Hurricane Sandy crisis be used to benefit the state’s Big Labor union  bosses? That’s exactly what will happen unless Gov. Christie breaks out his veto pen! CLICK HERE to listen to the Taxpayer Minute spot on the Union PLA bill! Not Letting The Hurricane Sandy Crisis Go To Waste Late last year while people were […]