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Bogus Pro-RGGI Report Exposed as Flawed

March 08, 2012 J

The following is from AFP's latest newsletter...

RGGI radicals switch gears: It’s no longer carbon dioxide, it’s jobs!

Click here to listen to our latest radio spot urging Kip Bateman to keep New Jersey out of RGGI!

Ever since Gov. Christie decided to withdraw our state from the job-destroying RGGI Cap & Trade scheme, the liberal left and environmentalists have been on the counter-attack.

Just like President Obama, liberals in Trenton are beholden to a radical environmentalist movement. They want to keep the RGGI electricity tax around so that they have a slush fund to pay for their “green energy” rip-offs and to line the pockets of the politically well-connected.

Lame Duck Alert: Two Bad Bills On Tap

December 14, 2011 J

***Lame Duck Alert: Two Bad Bills on Tap in State Legislature!***

CLICK HERE to find the contact information for your state senator in Trenton and tell them to vote 'NO' on the following bills:

Bad Bill #1: A4373/S3118

The last thing New Jersey needs is to squander hundreds of millions more of your tax dollars in poorly run cities like Newark and Camden. But that’s exactly what the state Legislature is poised to do with this bill that would send a whopping $140.5 MILLION in so-called Transitional Aid to these urban cesspools of waste and corruption!

Last week this measure passed the Assembly by a vote of 66-12. Now the bill will be making its way to the state Senate.

PR: Americans for Prosperity: RGGI, The $1 Billion Failure

December 09, 2011 J

For Immediate Release – December 9, 2011

Americans for Prosperity: RGGI, The $1 Billion Failure

As New Jersey Pulls Out, State’s Leading Free-Market Group Says Cap-and-Trade Scheme Has Ripped Off Ratepayers, Provided No Environmental or Economic Benefits

BOGOTA, NJ – Americans for Prosperity, the state’s leading free-market, grassroots organization is once again calling the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) a failure in the wake of the latest top secret auction of carbon permits. Yesterday was New Jersey’s last RGGI auction with the state’s departure becoming official as of 2012.

Tell Gov. Christie to STOP the $100M Offshore Windmill Boondoggle

November 30, 2011 J

CLICK HERE Now to Sign AFP's Petition to Gov. Christie!

New Jersey is about to pour $100 MILLION in taxpayer subsidies into a risky scheme to install windmills off of New Jersey's coast!

The Beacon Hill Institute cost analysis of this misguided project shows...

• The project would produce a net cost of $3.245 billion to New Jersey, within a range of $2.106 billion and $4.137 billion,

• New Jersey’s electricity prices will increase by 2.1 percent, in 2017, within a range of 0.5 percent and 4.2 percent; and

• From 2017 to 2036, the average household ratepayer will pay $431 in higher electricity costs; while the average commercial ratepayer will pay an extra $3,054 and the average industrial ratepayer an extra $109,335.

PR: Cap-and-Trade and Kean, Perfect Together

November 30, 2011 J

For Immediate Release – November 30, 2011

Cap-and-Trade and Kean, Perfect Together

Americans for Prosperity Rips Former Governor Tom Kean for His Gore-Like Global Warming Rant

BOGOTA, NJ – Americans for Prosperity is firing back today at former Gov. Tom Kean for comments he made at a Rutgers University conference regarding the RGGI Cap-and-Trade program.

As reported by NJ Spotlight, Kean laced into those skeptical of the global warming argument, calling on AGW alarmists to "confront those who don't believe in the science of it for the ignorant people that they are" and saying that Gov. Christie’s decision to withdraw from the RGGI Cap-and-Trade scheme was a “shame.”

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