Tax Freedom Day Is Here!

May 04, 2013

Tax Freedom Day Is Here!
Now Take Action to Rein in Big Government in NJ!

CLICK HERE to tell your representatives in Trenton it’s time to cut spending and taxes in New Jersey!

Tax Freedom Day has finally arrived in New Jersey! Yet, it’s not really cause for celebration, is it? After all, New Jerseyans are now working more than a third of the year just to pay our tax bill at all levels of government!

At our press conference in Trenton on Thursday, Tax Foundation economist Kyle Pomereau put the tax burden into stark perspective. Kyle noted that “we will be paying more in taxes than we pay for food, clothing and housing combined.”

Think about that for a second. The levels of government taxation are exceeding the cost of living—of paying for the bare essentials in life.

New Jerseyans are witnessing an erosion of economic freedom that means having to work longer and harder just to make ends meet. It means less money in our pockets to save for our golden years or to put money away for our kid’s education. More than that, it means having to give up that night out to dinner, trip to a ball game or summer vacation—costing us precious time with our family and loved ones.

This is just not how it’s supposed to be in America or here in New Jersey. Government is supposed to be limited and foster an environment that allows us to enjoy the fruits of our labor, not become a vehicle for wealth redistribution and punishing achievement. Today, New Jerseyans are being shackled by Trenton’s wasteful spending and crippling tax burden and it’s time take action to stop it!

TAKE ACTION>>>  Click here now to send a message to your representatives in the Legislature that you expect them to cut spending and taxes during this budget cycle!

The tax-and-spend model has driven New Jersey to the brink. It’s time to rein in Trenton and free hard-working New Jerseyans from the shackles of Big Government in order to bring economic prosperity back to the Garden State!

Sign AFP’s petition letter and let your elected leaders in the Legislature know that’s exactly what you expect of them this year.

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