Take Action: STOP Trenton’s Biodiesel Mandate!

November 21, 2013

AFP is urging activists to take action to stop a proposed biodiesel mandate that will mean higher costs for NJ ratepayers and business! Details below.

The Legislature is pushing yet another mandate on New Jersey energy consumers—this time a “bipartisan” bill that will force home oil heat retailers to add biodiesel into their mix in order to create what’s called “bioheat” (“Bio-based Heating Oil Act”, Bill A3161/S2268).

AFP was in Trenton this past Monday to oppose this bad bill where a parade of biodiesel industry lobbyists were on hand seeking this latest Trenton handout. The fact of the matter is there’s nothing stopping bioheat retailers from competing for market share in New Jersey. The problem is their prices are higher than traditional home heating oil which is exactly why they love this mandate.

A recent price check in New Jersey showed oil heat selling for about $3.25-$3.30 per gallon. On the other hand Stem Brothers and Woodruff, two locally based bioheat companies, are selling bioheat for $3.449 and $3.699 per gallon, respectively. That’s as of this week!

It’s time for Trenton to stop foisting these kinds of misguided mandates on us and taking away the power of consumers to decide for themselves!

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