Standing Up Against NJ’s Misguided Medicaid Expansion

June 06, 2013

AFP trekked to Trenton on Monday to take a stand against expanding Medicaid eligibility in New Jersey under ObamaCare. But a funny thing happened after AFP requested to testify. Democrats on the Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee pulled the bill without explanation.

Perhaps that was just a coincidence? Or perhaps there were just a few sobering truths about the ObamaCare Medicaid expansion that Democratic sponsors of this bill on the committee didn’t want to hear, such as…

  • The fact that Medicaid expansion will hurt New Jersey taxpayers by adding some $1.5 BILLION in additional spending over the next ten years. Click to read more here.
  • The fact that Medicaid expansion will cost federal taxpayers as much as $800 BILLION over the next ten years, adding billions more to the nation’s $16 TRILLION and growing federal debt. Click to read more here.
  • Or perhaps it’s the sad reality that Medicaid patients do no better – and, in fact, often times have far worse outcomes – than other patients, including those without health insurance! Click to read more here about “Why Medicaid is a Humanitarian Catastrophe”.

Medicaid is a failing, broken system in desperate need of wholesale changes. Adding more New Jerseyans to the Medicaid rolls before fixing this entitlement program is akin to adding more passengers to the deck of the Titanic.

New Jersey legislators should reject this idea and focus on adopting free-market, patient-centered health care policies that will truly help all Americans get access to quality care; not condemn low income New Jerseyans to the substandard care offered by Medicaid.

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