Report: NJ Short 3,000 Doctors By 2020

September 27, 2013

Not only does the Garden State have the highest outbound migration rate in the country, but doctors are now fleeing NJ at record levels. A local Fox program, ‘Chasing NJ’, reported this week that there will be a likely shortage of 3,000 doctors by the year 2020. This startling statistic is attributed to the fact that 70% of medical students are leaving the state for work. New Jersey only keeps 34% of those who study medicine in New Jersey, which is 22% lower than the rest of the country.

A number of factors are driving doctors out of New Jersey: Other states offer better salaries and more attractive job opportunities, as well as cheaper cost of living, affordable housing and lower taxes. The costs outweigh the benefits of starting a practice in New Jersey.

Trenton needs to make the Garden State more attractive again before more of our best and brightest continue the exodus. Not only will this significant drain of doctors make medical care less accessible, but the quality of care is bound to weaken. Especially with the implementation of ObamaCare, we cannot afford to lose our doctors.

This is yet another reason to blame the liberal Legislature in Trenton for its unsustainable and irresponsible policies over the past decade. Enough is enough!

Watch “Chasing NJ’s” report below!

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