PR: The Real “Kevorkians” of New Jersey: Trenton Democrats

May 30, 2013
For Immediate Release – May 30, 2013

The Real “Kevorkians” of New Jersey: Trenton Democrats

Gov. Christie is Right: “The People of the State Deserve a Tax Cut” and NJ Dems Need to Stop Euthanizing Jobs & Prosperity

BOGOTA, NJ – Americans for Prosperity, the state’s leading pro-taxpayer group, agrees with Gov. Christie: the time has come to give long-suffering New Jersey taxpayers some relief and get our state back on a path to prosperity.

“Gov. Christie likes to joke that OLS budget director David Rosen is the ‘Dr. Kevorkian of numbers’,” averred AFP-New Jersey deputy state director Daryn Iwicki, “but the real Kevorkians in New Jersey are Trenton Democrats whose incessant big government manipulations are euthanizing jobs, free enterprise and prosperity in the Garden State.”

“The numbers don’t lie. While the Democrats have been in charge of the Legislature over the past ten years, New Jersey has sunk near the bottom of just about every economic indicator while taxpayers are asked to pony up more and more,” continued Iwicki.

“How much more suffering do New Jersey taxpayers have to endure to prop up the Democrat’s failing big government experiment? How much more do they have to pay in taxes at the expense of making a better life for their families? How many more jobs need to be lost? How many more people and business need to leave before Democrats in the Legislature change course?

“New Jersey has already fallen way behind and we’re about to fall behind even further. States like Indiana, Wisconsin and North Carolina are pursuing bold plans to cut taxes in their states that will make them more economically free and prosperous. Just like Hertz left for Florida, New Jersey will see other businesses leaving for states like these that are embracing free-market reforms which will make them more business-friendly and competitive.

“It’s not fair that New Jersey taxpayers continue to bear the brunt of the Democrat’s big government, tax-and-spend agenda. New Jersey taxpayers have already sent enough of their hard-earned money to the Trenton behemoth and all they’ve gotten in return is economic destruction.

“Gov. Christie is right: ‘The people of the state of New Jersey deserve a tax cut’. We couldn’t agree more and so should Democrats in the Legislature.”

“Our message to legislators in  Trenton is simple,” Iwicki added, “ if you are willing to propose a tax cut for working class citizens of New Jersey, Americans for Prosperity is ready to stand with you.”

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