PR: Senator Buono No Friend of NJ Ratepayers

September 10, 2013

Senator Buono No Friend of NJ Ratepayers

Gubernatorial Candidate a “Taxpayer Zero” for a Reason

BOGOTA, NJ – Sen. Barbara Buono is no friend of New Jersey ratepayers according to Americans for Prosperity, the state’s leading pro-taxpayer group.

“Time after time in the Legislature Senator Buono has aligned herself with fringe environmentalist outfits across the state at the expense of taxpayers and ratepayers,” stated Daryn Iwicki, AFP’s deputy state director.

“Hard-working families in New Jersey are suffocated enough by high taxes and high electric bills yet Senator Buono wants to pile on even more by re-imposing the job-destroying RGGI electricity tax.”

“Cap-and-trade was dead and buried at the national level for a reason. Every economist worth their salt warned legislators on Capitol Hill that President Obama’s cap-and-trade scheme would kill jobs and damage our economy,” said Iwicki. “Cap-and-trade became so toxic that the U.S. Senate led by Harry Reid didn’t even bring it up for a vote. Yet this is the very kind of scheme that the senator supports.”

“The RGGI tax hurt New Jersey residents and businesses while doing nothing for the environment, despite the ludicrous claims of the radical environmentalist movement. Gov. Christie did the right thing in extracting our state from RGGI and freeing New Jerseyans from this destructive tax.”

“Senator Buono has the ignominious label of ‘Taxpayer Zero’ for a reason,” added Iwicki. “She has amassed a vast record of anti-taxpayer, anti-ratepayer, anti-growth votes from RGGI down the line.”

“And for the ten years Senator Buono has been in office, it’s no coincidence that economic growth has stagnated, companies are fleeing and New Jersey is in worse fiscal shape than ever.”

“It’s high time Senator Buono admitted the big-government policies she advocates for are killing our state.”

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