PR: No Saving 800,000 New Jerseyans from ObamaCare’s Wrath

December 05, 2013

            No Saving 800,000 New Jerseyans from ObamaCare’s Wrath

Senate Hearing Confirms, If You Liked Your Plan You Can’t Keep It

TRENTON, NJ – Americans for Prosperity has issued the following statement after today’s Senate Commerce Committee hearing on ObamaCare.

“Today’s hearing served no other purpose than to reconfirm what the American people already know: this law is an unspeakable disaster for the American people and there’s no way to fix it for the hundreds of thousands of New Jerseyan who are being kicked off their existing plan.

“In fact, it’s rather disturbing that Chairwoman Gill would call for this hearing in a flailing attempt to pin the blame for the ObamaCare train wreck on the Christie administration and claiming the Department of Banking and Insurance hasn’t done enough to educate people.

“Senator Gill and other supporters of the federal health care takeover on the committee refuse to admit that ObamaCare is fatally flawed. And instead of faulting the administration should blame President Obama for misleading to the American people about what his signature law would mean for their lives.

“Commissioner Kobylowski accurately noted, ‘the government’s own requirements were self-defeating’ and now 800,000 New Jerseyans are going to pay a heavy price. They will be losing the coverage they like, then forced to pay significantly higher premiums for plans they don’t want and coverage they don’t need. That is, if they can ever even log on to the disastrous website.

“AFP also applauds Senator Cardinale for being the lone voice of reason on the committee and for pointing out why this law will mean even higher costs for New Jerseyans.

“The bottom line is there’s only one way to ‘fix’ ObamaCare and that’s to repeal it hook, line and sinker—then replace it with a patient-centered system that gets government bureaucrats out of people’s personal health care decisions and injects real free-market competition that will drive down costs.”

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