PR: AFP “Embarking on an Historic Grassroots Mobilization Effort” Across New Jersey!

August 06, 2013

For Immediate Release – August 6, 2013

AFP “Embarking on an Historic Grassroots Mobilization Effort” Across New Jersey!

Pro-Taxpayer Group to Pressure State Lawmakers to Eschew Big Government Agenda, Embrace Pro-Growth Free-Market Policies

BOGOTA, NJ – Americans for Prosperity, the state’s leading free-market organization, is announcing the launch of a statewide grassroots mobilization effort. AFP will be opening new field offices in key areas of the state aimed at spreading the group’s message of economic freedom and educating citizens about the voting records of incumbent Trenton lawmakers.

“AFP is embarking on an historic grassroots mobilization effort never seen before in this state,” pronounced AFP deputy state director Daryn Iwicki. “Our army of conservative activists will be making calls and knocking on doors to spread our winning message of economic freedom. We’ll be letting our fellow citizens know which of their representatives in Trenton have been failing to stand up for their interests as taxpayers by exposing their failing agenda and failing voting records. And we’ll be ramping up grassroots pressure to get these legislators to change course.

“Hard-working New Jerseyans look around and wonder why their property taxes keep going up; why they see their friends and neighbors leaving; why they see great companies like Hertz and others bolting for other states and taking scores of high-paying jobs with them; and why their quality of life here continues to deteriorate,” said Iwicki.

“Well, there really isn’t much reason to wonder. All people need to do is look to Trenton where far too many of our elected leaders are committed to a big government, tax-and-spend, nanny state agenda, that’s making New Jersey an undesirable, unaffordable place to live and raise a family.

“AFP is committed to having a conversation with citizens across the state about just what Trenton is doing wrong and why it’s imperative that our state Legislature reverse course and begin to embrace fiscal responsibility and free-market policies in order to grow our economy, help create jobs and make New Jersey competitive again.

“Our fellow citizens need to know that the oppressive tax burden and economic malaise they are experiencing here is the result of a destructive fiscal and economic agenda coming from Trenton. And they need to know which legislators are responsible for driving that agenda in order to convince them to change course before the state’s fiscal problems result in a catastrophe akin to the city of Detroit.”

AFP will be opening new field offices in Northfield in Atlantic County, Cherry Hill in Camden County, Monmouth Junction in Middlesex County, and Washington Township in Gloucester County. Field operations will also be conducted out of AFP’s Bogota headquarters in Bergen County. Grand opening events are scheduled as follows:

Citizen activists are encouraged to join the effort by visiting and signing up to volunteer.

For more information about AFP’s grassroots mobilization effort, please contact communications director Mike Proto at 201-400-3666 or via e-mail at

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is a nationwide organization of citizen-leaders committed to advancing every individual’s right to economic freedom and opportunity. AFP believes reducing the size and intrusiveness of government is the best way to promote individual productivity and prosperity for all Americans. AFP educates and engages citizens to support restraining state and federal government growth and returning government to its constitutional limits. AFP is more than 2 million activists strong, with activists in all 50 states.  AFP has 34 state chapters and affiliates. More than 85,000 Americans in all 50 states have made a financial contribution to AFP or AFP Foundation. For more information, visit

Americans for Prosperity does not support or oppose candidates for public office.


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