ObamaCare: “Gen Y” You Can’t Keep Your Plan In NJ

August 27, 2013

Last week, New Jersey experienced a rude awakening. According to an article in the National Review, approximately 106,000 New Jerseyans are the newest victims of the federal health care takeover’s foreseeable complications. Because of ObamaCare’s extreme regulations, this group of individuals, most of who are under the age of 30, will no longer be able to keep their current healthcare plan.

New Jersey’s “Basic and Essential” healthcare plan, which makes up 71 percent of the Garden State’s individual market, will no longer be permitted under ObamaCare. These plans are the most popular option among families who do not receive employer coverage or government assistance. The State’s “B&E” option is a plan that is designed to provide a very limited amount of services for a lower cost. With the implementation of ObamaCare, these citizens will now have to settle for more expensive plans to cover services they do not need.

This group of individuals will not be alone in this competitive and overpriced healthcare market. As a result of ObamaCare’s employer mandate and further regulations, former B&E users will be joined by employees who will most likely be dropped from their company plans. This will soon be a reality for some folks in Monmouth County.

On Tuesday of last week, Middletown Township stated that they will be cutting back the hours of at least 25 part-time workers in their municipality. With this cutback, they predict savings of up to $775,000 in increased healthcare costs. The Washington Post interviewed Middletown’s township administrator, Anthony Mercantante, who explained that such decisions were based on lack of answers about the Affordable Care Act. With a great amount of uncertainty, we are bound to see more cases like this in the near future.

It is not a coincidence that New Jersey was nationally recognized this week for its serious setbacks under ObamaCare. This is why it is more important than ever that we continue to fight to stop the implementation of the federal takeover of our healthcare and push to replace it with a free-market, patient-centered model.

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