ObamaCare Enrollment Disaster

November 13, 2013

The ObamaCare train wreck continues unabated. Here are the numbers for New Jersey:

741 New Jerseyans have managed to enroll select a health insurance plan on the federally-run ObamaCare exchange plan and put it in their cart. The administration did not disclose if any of these applicants actually paid for their plan. So, for all anyone knows, New Jersey could have ZERO enrollees!

Meanwhile, 850,000 New Jerseyans are expected to lose their current coverage!

Here are the gory details via the Star-Ledger

The federal health exchange — the portal for insurance coverage for New Jersey — has accepted 23,021 applications covering 42,372 people in the state from Oct. 1 to Nov. 2, according to the Obama administration’s figures released today.

Only 741 have selected a plan through the exchange, which has been beset by profound software problems.

Of these 42,372 applicants, 17,460 of them qualify for Medicaid because their income is so low, and 8,082 qualify for a tax credit to help pay for their policy.

Click here to read AFP President Tim Phillips’ statement on the enrollment numbers..

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