ObamaCare Driving Force Behind Woeful Jobs News

May 01, 2013

The nation finds itself still steeped in economic malaise. A report today from CNBC indicates that fewer private sector jobs were created in April than expected with analysts pointing the finger at one main culprit: ObamaCare.

Small businesses accounted for 50,000 of the new positions in April, but Zandi noted that the sector is seeing a slowdown likely attributable to the onset of the Affordable Care Act national healthcare plan.

The President’s health care takeover remains a significant black cloud over the nation’s economy and job growth. The medical device tax alone has already resulted in thousands of layoffs. Companies are reducing hours, creating more part-time and less full-time positions, in order to avoid ObamaCare’s onerous tax penalties.

None of this bodes well for the nation’s economic health. With a slew of new ObamaCare taxes ready to kick in next year, it is dubious at best for Americans to think a robust recovery is on the horizon.

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