NTUF Report On Spending Agenda Of NJ Congressional Delegation

June 11, 2013

Want to know whether or not your New Jersey congressmen and senators support an agenda that increases or decreases spending? Thanks to the National Taxpayers Union Federation (NTUF), constituents can now find out the answer to that question.

NTUF’s “BillTally Report” compiles a list of all spending bills sponsored or cosponsored by each member of the New Jersey delegation during the 112th Congress. The price tag for each bill is added up to determine if spending would have gone up or down if all of the bills were enacted.

According to the BillTally Report, every Democratic lawmaker supported net spending increases with Rep. Rush Holt (D-12) leading the pack with a staggering total of $1.37 trillion!

Every Republican lawmaker was a net spending cutter on balance. However, Rep. Scott Garrett (R-05) was far and away the most frugal, supporting a total of $277 billion in spending decreases.

NOTE: As context, NTUF’s report only focuses on bills a member of Congress put their name to. And unlike traditional scorecards, the NTUF does not document votes on specific spending bills. Rather the report is intended to give constituents an idea of a legislator’s spending agenda if the bills they sponsored or cosponsored became law.

Click here to access the NJ summary.

Click here to access the detailed report and findings from NTUF.

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