NJ Assembly Pushes ObamaCare (And Other Bad Bills)

April 30, 2013

While even one of ObamaCare’s authors, Montana Sen. Max Baucus, recently called it a “train wreck”, here in New Jersey liberal legislators are none to happy to promote the destructive law.

Yesterday, the General Assembly passed a measure, Bill A3878, which would unleash a public awareness campaign in the state of the federally-run health exchange. Thanks to the work of AFP, Gov. Christie has twice vetoed a state-run exchange in New Jersey. The task is now left up to the federal HHS. But the question of whether the federal HHS will even be able to get an exchange off the ground by January 1, 2014 is an open one as the process has been marked by confusion, chaos and delay.

Meanwhile, ObamaCare is becoming more and more unpopular by the day with a Kaiser Foundation poll showing only 35% of Americans view ObamaCare favorably.

In addition to passing A3878, the Assembly also move Bill A2888 which would establish an Office of Clean Energy and AR39 which urges NJ colleges and universities to sign a climate change initiative that would promote “sustainability”. Each of these bad bills is part and parcel of the effort by many Trenton legislators to address “climate change” on the backs of New Jersey taxpayers, ratepayers and businesses; an effort that means higher energy prices and fewer jobs.

Check out our Twitter account (@AFP_NewJersey) for a blow-by-blow on the passage of these bills yesterday in Trenton.

Note: The Senate companion bills for A3878 and A2888 have yet to be taken up in committee.

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