New Jerseyans Facing 39% Premium Increase Under ObamaCare

March 27, 2013

The Affordable Care Act — aka ObamaCare — was sold on the basis of numerous false promises. The American people were told 1) if they wanted to keep their plan they could, 2) if they wanted to keep their doctor they would be able to, 3) that their premiums would go down and, perhaps the biggest whopper, 4) that ObamaCare would actually lead to job growth.

Now, three years after this unworkable scheme was foisted upon the American people, the record shows that all of these promises have been broken.

New Jerseyans, of course, are not immune to the destructive consequences of ObamaCare, as evidence by a recent report from the House Committee on Energy Commerce detailing the costs impacts on the small and individual group market.

The committee report aggregated data from more than 30 studies and analyses, concluding that Americans are staring at drastic increases in their health care premiums with New Jerseyans, specifically, facing a whopping 39% increase!

Yet the ObamaCare-caused rate increases don’t hit all groups of Americans the same. As the Heritage Foundation points out, the bulk of this increased cost burden will be carried by younger Americans who will be forced to buy more expensive insurance and thus, in effect, subsidize older Americans; younger people who now will face tougher choices of, for example, whether to pony up for health care at the expense of paying college tuition.

Just another reason that ObamaCare is a pending calamity.

Click here to read the full report from the House Committtee on Energy and Commerce.

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