Ten NJ Congressmen Join Majority, Reject Bloated Farm Bill

June 20, 2013

CORRECTION: This post has been amended to reflect that Congressman Jon Runyan also voted to support the Farm Bill, not just Congressman Frelinghuysen.

After significant pressure from Americans for Prosperity and numerous coalition partners, the House of Representatives rejected the wasteful “Farm Bill” today by a vote of 234-195.

The so-called Farm Bill was laden with corporate welfare and, as AFP has pointed out, really a welfare bill in disguise with 80% of the appropriations dedicated to food stamps. As such, it’s all the more surprising to see the New Jersey House delegation (6 Democrats and 4 Republicans) vote against the bill in near unanimous fashion.

The only New Jersey congressmen to support the legislation were Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-11) and Rep. Jon Runyan (R-03). If you wish to voice your disapproval to the congressmen for their votes for more spending and more big government their contact information is as follows:

Rep. Frelinghuysen: DC office number is (202) 225-5034, E-mail and Twitter  @USRepRodney.

Rep. Runyan: DC office number (202) 225-4765, e-mail and Twitter @RepJonRunyan.

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