CEO Magazine: NJ Ranks 46th In Business Climate

May 08, 2013

Chief Executive Magazine is the latest outlet to slam New Jersey’s hostile business climate. For the past nine years the magazine has surveyed CEO’s across the country to gauge which states are the best and worst to do business in. This year New Jersey ranked a dismal 46th on the list.

With the news yesterday that the Hertz corporation is moving its corporate headquarters to Florida, it should come as no surprise that the Sunshine State is #2 on the list right behind top-ranked Texas.

CEO Choice Quotes:


“New York and New Jersey have high costs of doing business and favor local companies to a greater extent than other states favor their local companies.”


“New Jersey actually seems like it is trying to get a little bit more business friendly.  But historically, I have never dealt with a state that had more of a ‘gotcha’ attitude and treated businesses like they were guilty until proven innocent.”

Tired of seeing NJ rank at the bottom on its business climate and tax climate? TAKE ACTION: Send a message to your representatives in Trenton that it’s time to cut spending and taxes in NJ!

Click here to read the full report. 

Click here to see the summary on New Jersey’s business climate. 


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