Biodiesel Mandate Moving Through Legislature

July 19, 2013

The Legislature continues to assault the free-market for energy in New Jersey. The latest effort is the “Bio-based Heating Oil Act” (S2268), which mandates home heating oil sold in the state contain a percentage of biodiesel, starting at 3% in FY2014, then going to 4% for FY2015, and 5% thereafter.

Not only is biodiesel more costly than most forms of energy production, as documented by the Energy Information Administration (EIA), but it’s environmental benefits are questionable at best and depends a lot on the sourced used to create it.

AFP was in Trenton on Thursday, July 18 to testify against the bill before the Senate Environment and Energy Committee. Surprisingly, several environmental groups also opposed the bill, including the NJ Sierra Club. However, there were a number of supporters on hand — biodiesel lobbyists who stand to benefit from this outrageous mandate.

S2268 passed committee 4-0 with several legislators absent.

Testimony from Thursday’s hearing is available by clicking here. with AFP’s testimony beginning at the 31:00 minute mark. AFP will keep activists posted on the status of the bill going forward.

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