Americans for Prosperity Statement on Passage of $33B FY ’14 Budget

June 28, 2013

“[S]pending in Trenton continues unabated,” says state director.

BOGOTA – AFP deputy state director Daryn Iwicki has issued the following statement regarding the FY ’14 state budget.

“The Trenton establishment might be patting themselves on the back for a ‘bipartisan’ budget, but the fact of the matter is the bloated $33 billion FY ’14 budget is just another hit to the gut for beleaguered New Jersey taxpayers.

“The so-called ‘new normal’ has proven short-lived at best. While our economy stagnates and our unemployment rate remains one of the highest in the region, spending in Trenton continues unabated limiting the prospects for economic growth and ensuring that New Jersey remains one of the worst states to do business in.

“This budget does nothing to bring real tax relief to New Jerseyans.  Other states are cutting both taxes and spending to bolster economic growth and this budget saw property tax relief removed from the budget.  We would like to thank both Assemblyman Jay Webber and Senator Doherty for taking a stand and voting against their party in this year’s budget.

“AFP is disappointed that the governor has approved this fiscally irresponsible budget and did not do more to restrain the growth of state government. We’re disappointed to see that election year politics has trumped doing what’s best to put New Jersey back on a path to prosperity.”

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