AFP Statement on Gov. Christie’s Veto of Project Labor Agreement Bill

April 15, 2013

For Immediate Release – April 15, 2013
Contact: Mike Proto, 201-487-8844/201-400-3666

AFP Statement on Gov. Christie’s Veto of Project Labor Agreement Bill

AFP Commends Governor for Standing Up for Taxpayers over Big Labor

BOGOTA, NJ – “Today, as many Americans are submitting their 2012 tax bill to Uncle Sam, New Jersey taxpayers are thankful to Gov. Christie for standing up for their interests by vetoing a bill that would have expanded the application of cost-inflating project labor agreements in the state.

“Not only has Gov. Christie protected New Jersey taxpayers from higher taxes and higher costs on future State-funded construction projects, but he has thwarted Big Labor’s shameless attempt to raid Hurricane Sandy relief aid dollars and bilk federal taxpayers who are subsidizing the $60 billion reconstruction effort.

“Gov. Christie’s veto is also a victory for worker freedom, sending a strong signal to nonunion merit shops that New Jersey welcomes their business rather than effectively shutting out the vast majority of the private construction workforce in the state.

“The time is long overdue for the State to put an end to this anti-taxpayer, anti-worker practice. No worker or contractor in our state should be forced to abide by onerous mandates imposed by union collective bargaining agreements or be forced to join a union and pay union dues as a condition of taking on State-funded projects.

“Once again, AFP applauds the Governor for vetoing S2425 and we encourage him to put an end to this kind of blatant union favoritism once and for all by ending the State’s practice of using PLA’s altogether.”

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