AFP Slams Garden State Forward for “Deceitful” D18 Ad

October 24, 2013

 AFP Slams Garden State Forward for “Deceitful” D18 Ad

NJEA Front Group Trying to Manipulate Taxpayers in Blatant Effort to Keep Their Education Monopoly

BOGOTA, NJ – Americans for Prosperity is slamming Garden State Forward what it calls a “deceitful” web ad focusing on Legislative District 18.

“Constituents in District 18 need to know this is an ad coming from an NJEA front group that doesn’t care about kids and is only out for its own self-interest,” railed AFP-NJ state director Daryn Iwicki. “Garden State Forward’s goal is to keep the gravy train of billions of taxpayer dollars flowing into the coffers of NJEA Union Bosses and lining the pockets of an army of overpaid, six-figure educrats.”

“Remember this is the same NJEA that’s been exposed for its willingness to use its might to protect teachers at all costs even if they are abusing kids in the classrooms and whose members boast of the perks they get on the taxpayers’ dime.” Iwicki continued, “This is the same NJEA that gives good teachers a bad name by issuing memos threatening violence against the governor.”

“Garden State Forward’s assertion that Americans for Prosperity has backed District 18 Republican candidates is beyond deceitful. AFP has never done anything of the kind. The AFP ad cited by Garden State Forward focuses on putting a stop to ten years of failing fiscal policies coming from the statehouse that are damaging the state’s economy and resulting in high unemployment. AFP does not support or oppose candidates for public office.  Garden State Forward should immediately stop running this misleading ad.”

“Clear-thinking taxpayers in District 18 should see through Garden State Forward’s shameful tactics and attempts to manipulate them,” added Iwicki. “Garden State Forward has only one purpose: preserving the status quo and the NJEA’s monopoly on education, even if it means condemning New Jersey school kids to failing schools and a bleaker future.”

“Special interest groups like the NJEA, along with its PAC, Garden State Forward, are the problem in New Jersey and why taxpayers are being bled dry in this state. And what’s really shameful is disguising their true agenda of enriching themselves behind a ruse of caring about education and caring about kids.”

“New Jerseyans should reject this kind of extremism and all of us should focus on putting children first, not Big Labor Unions.”

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