AFP: New Jersey Families Deserve ObamaCare Exemption as Prices Soar

October 01, 2013

AFP: New Jersey Families Deserve ObamaCare Exemption as Prices Soar
Subsidies or not, New Jerseyans will still pay extra cost as taxpayers, says state director Iwicki

BOGOTA — Today, October 1, brings the start of open enrollment on the ObamaCare insurance exchanges around the country, and Americans for Prosperity is sounding the alarm as prices begin to soar in New Jersey. Hundreds of thousands of grassroots activists around the country have signed the group’s Exempt Me, Too! petition, asking the President for the same special treatment better-connected groups have received.

The director of Americans for Prosperity’s New Jersey chapter, Daryn Iwicki, released the following statement marking the unpleasant October 1 milestone:

“Well, it’s October 1, and as expected, insurance premiums are increasing for individual policies. When New Jerseans log onto the ObamaCare exchanges, they’ll be facing premium hikes of nearly 50 percent in many cases. At the same time, they will have fewer choices for treatment, meaning reduced health care choice. This isn’t health insurance reform; it’s a disaster. While sympathizers with this administration tell us that federal subsidies will take care of this exorbitant costs, they seem to forget where that money comes from: all of us, the taxpayer! Whether or not it’s reflected on our insurance bill, we’re all paying for this train wreck of a law.”

A 40-year old man can expect to see 46 percent higher premiums, on average; a woman of the same age will face a roughly 26 percent increase in costs before subsidies are calculated [Forbes, 9/25/13]. The New York Times recently reported that “many insurers are significantly limiting the choices of doctors and hospitals available to consumers” as a cost-saving measure due to the new law.

“When New Jersey taxpayers see the prices they’ll be charged for their coverage, I expect more of them than ever to begin asking where their ObamaCare exemption is. It’s time the President do us all a favor and exempt the country from this law, not just well-connected groups and allies.”

Hundreds of thousands of Americans for Prosperity’s grassroots activists have already signed the Exempt Me, Too! petition at, declaring that it’s time for the President to give all Americans an exemption from ObamaCare.

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