AFP: Liberal Legislature’s High Tax Agenda Failing New Jersey

October 09, 2013

AFP: Liberal Legislature’s High Tax Agenda Failing New Jersey

NJ’s State Business Tax Ranking Remains 2nd Worst in Country

BOGOTA, NJ – The Tax Foundation’s 2014 state business tax climate ranking are out and the news for New Jersey is not good. The state continues to rank as the second least business-friendly in the nation thanks to a decade of failing, liberal big-government policies from the state Legislature.

“The two things of most concern to New Jerseyans are jobs and taxes,” said AFP-New Jersey state director Daryn Iwicki. “Well, so long as New Jersey continues to impose such onerous taxes on small businesses, folks who run ‘mom and pop’ shops all over the state, then you’re not going to see robust job creation.”

“How can any business owner be expected to invest in their company and be able to grow jobs when they can barely get by with all the taxes, fees and government red tape they have to face in New Jersey?”

“The fact of the matter is this is the end result of more than decade of reckless fiscal policies from an ultra-left wing Legislature,” continued Iwicki. “AFP applauds Gov. Christie for working hard to free our job creators from Trenton’s heavy hand for the past four years. But the reality is there is only so much he can undo when he’s faced with a liberal majority in the Legislature that is beholden to the failing idea that if Trenton just taxes more and spends more of their hard-earned money things will get better.”

“Our state has become uncompetitive and the poor business climate is driving great companies like Hertz, Roche and others to states that allow them to grow and prosper.”

“To borrow a phrase, the era of big government needs to end in Trenton or New Jersey will continue to fall behind. It’s time for those running the show in the Legislature to start embracing free-market, pro-growth, pro-jobs policies before New Jersey finds itself in a Detroit-like abyss.”

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