AFP: Latest Jobs Numbers Demonstrate Need for Fiscal Restraint, Pro-Growth Policies

November 22, 2013

AFP: Latest Jobs Numbers Demonstrate Need for Fiscal Restraint, Pro-Growth Policies

Trenton’s Big-Government Agenda Continues to Fail NJ Working Families

BOGOTA, NJ – Americans for Prosperity, the state’s leading pro-taxpayer group and advocate for economic freedom, has issued the following statement in response to yesterday’s poor jobs report which showed a loss of private sector jobs in October.

“New Jerseyans are clamoring for jobs but the Legislature’s big-government agenda continues to fail them. Our unemployment rate has been stuck at over 8% going on four years now. Our 8.4% unemployment rate is the worst in the entire Northeast and more than a point higher than the national average.

“New Jersey is starved for a pro-growth, pro-jobs agenda that restrains government spending and provides struggling families and businesses with much-needed tax relief. This is not ‘magic talk’. Other states around the country from Florida, to Texas, to Indiana, to Wisconsin have all achieved fiscal and budgetary successes in their states that have led to job growth by keeping their state governments in check and cutting taxes.

“AFP believes the time for tax relief is long overdue and agrees with Robert Grady, New Jersey Council of Economic Advisers, who noted this week that there is room in next year’s budget to accomplish just that.

“The leadership in the Legislature needs to put aside their failing ideology and start working for the benefit of hardworking New Jersey families who deserve better. We’ve been trying their tax-and-spend approach for more than a decade and it isn’t working. How many times will we try the same thing expecting a different result?

“It’s time to change course now or New Jerseyans will continue to suffer and our state will continue to fall behind.”

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