AFP: It “Hertz” to See ‘Em Go

May 07, 2013

For Immediate Release – May 7, 2013

AFP:  It “Hertz” to See ‘Em Go

State’s Unfriendly Business Climate to Blame for Hertz’ “Easy Decision” to Leave NJ

BOGOTA, NJ – Americans for Prosperity deputy state director Daryn Iwicki has issued the following statement in the wake of the news that the Hertz corporation will be moving its corporate headquarters from Park Ridge, NJ to Estero, Florida.

“Hertz’s decision to move its corporate headquarters out of New Jersey, taking with it some 700 high-paying jobs, is another vivid reminder that New Jersey is paying the price for its unfriendly business climate and punitive tax burden.

“I commend Governor Scott for taking a pro-business, pro-families approach in the state of Florida and condemn the Democratic-controlled New Jersey Legislature for taking an anti-job creation and anti-families approach here at home.  The sad reality is the tale of two states taking two very different approaches.  Over the last couple of years the state of Florida has created over 320,000 jobs and has seen its unemployment rate drop 3.6% down to 7.5%.

“Unfortunately here at home our Legislature has punished businesses with a crippling tax rate and punished our residents for being successful with a highly progressive tax system and high property taxes which are killing the American Dream here in New Jersey. The agenda of the New Jersey Legislature has led to anemic job growth and an unemployment rate well above the national average at 9%.

“Hertz CEO Mark Frissora said ‘It was kind of an easy decision’ to move to Florida. And he’s right. Until New Jersey becomes a more welcoming environment for job creators New Jersey will see more easy decisions being made by other employers in the state.

“Hertz’ relocation should be a wake-up call to legislators in Trenton that their big government, anti-business, anti-job creation, and anti-family policies are failing New Jerseyans, making our economy worse and costing our state precious jobs. The time is long overdue for Trenton to get off the backs of our job creators and improve the state’s business climate by cutting taxes and embracing free-market policies that will allow them to prosper.”

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