AFP: Don’t Blame Christie For ObamaCare Fiasco

September 13, 2013

The rollout of the federal health care takeover has been an unmitigated disaster. Americans are losing their jobs. Full-timers are becoming part-timers. Spouses are being kicked off of the plans of their husbands or wives. And the price tag keeps soaring. The list goes on.

One would think the Star-Ledger Editorial Board would take aim at the people responsible for the ObamaCare law, but instead they saw fit to criticize Gov. Christie for vetoing the establishment of a state-run exchange in New Jersey. Here is our response:

Don’t blame Christie

The Star-Ledger Editorial Board would have us believe the “Obamacare” buck stops with Gov. Chris Christie, rather than President Obama and the D.C. Democrats who foisted this unworkable, unaffordable train wreck upon the American people.

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