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Throughout the spring, Americans for Prosperity will be traveling to all corners of the state to bring you our latest program: A Spark of Citizen Activism: Let’s Restore the American Dream!

Our goal is to educate and mobilize grassroots citizen activists all across New Jersey to help promote and advance conservative, free-market ideas and win the key fiscal policy battles that will put our state and nation back on a path to prosperity!

State director Steve Lonegan will deliver a powerful presentation that will touch on the key policy issues of the day, but  more importantly, impart the lessons of why economic freedom, free enterprise and limited government are the ingredients necessary to build a vibrant and flourishing economy!

Additionally, AFP will offer top-notch training on what it takes to become a highly efficient and effective citizen activist, able to promote the cause of economic freedom and defeat the forces of Big Government!

This is another AFP seminar you won’t want to miss!

For more information or to set up a tour event for your group or organization, please call our office at 201-487-8844 or e-mail our Field Director Laquan Austion at!

On to Victory!