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Taxpayer Pledge

Taxpayer Pledge

August 12, 2014

Governor Mel Thomson, the father of AFP-NH Honorary Chairman, Tom Thomson, issued the first modern anti-tax pledge to ensure elected officials kept their word to the people they represent and to provide the people with a means to enforce that accountability if needed.

Each year, Tom Thomson proudly carries on this legendary tradition introduced by his father. Tom believes strongly in the conservative principles set forth in the pledge and invites all candidates for office in NH to demonstrate their support to those same principles by signing the pledge.

Click here to download a copy of the Taxpayer Pledge to print and sign.

Here are the elected officials and candidates who have signed the taxpayer protection and prosperity pledge and shown their commitment to freedom and economic liberty.

JimRuebensUS Senate
BobSmithUS Senate
MiroDziedzicUS Senate
FrankGuintaUS House1
EverettJabourUS House1
BrendanKellyUS House1
MarilindaGarciaUS House2
GaryLambertUS House2
TimDillonExecutive Council2
RobertBurnsExecutive Council4
JimAdamsExecutive Council4
DaveWheelerExecutive Council5
MarkEvansNH Senate1
TimCondonNH Senate2
EddieEdwardsNH Senate4
SamCataldoNH Senate6
KathleenLauer RagoNH Senate7
JPMarzulloNH Senate8
GeraldLittleNH Senate8
AndySanbornNH Senate9
DanHynesNH Senate11
MaureenMooneyNH Senate11
DanDwyerNH Senate11
GaryDanielsNH Senate11
KevinAvardNH Senate12
DorisHohenseeNH Senate13
JaneCormierNH Senate16
HowardPearlNH Senate17
JohnReaganNH Senate17
GeorgeLambertNH Senate18
RobynDunphyNH Senate18
ReginaBirdsellNH Senate19
JimFoleyNH Senate19
EileenLandiesNH Senate20
RussellPrescottNH Senate23
StephenKendaNH Senate24
ValerieFraserNH HouseBE 1(New Hampton, Ctr Harbor)
GeorgeHurtNH HouseBE 2(Meredith, Gilford)
GlenAldrichNH HouseBE 2(Meredith, Gilford)
HerbVadneyNH HouseBE 2(Meredith, Gilford)
FrankTiltonNH HouseBE 3(Laconia)
RobertLutherNH HouseBE 3(Laconia)
BrianGallagherNH HouseBE 4(Tilton, Sanbornton)
RichardBrothersNH HouseBE 4(Tilton, Sanbornton)
DennisFieldsNH HouseBE 4(Tilton, Sanbornton)
DavidRussellNH HouseBE 5(Gilmanton, Alton)
MikeSylviaNH HouseBE 6(Belmont)
ElaineSwinfordNH HouseBE 8(Gilmanton, Alton, Barnstead)
RaymondHoward JrNH HouseBE 8(Gilmanton, Alton, Barnstead)
GeneChandlerNH HouseCA 1(Jackson, Bartlett, Hart’s Location)
JamesLeFebvreNH HouseCA 2(Conway, Chatham, Eaton)
FrankMcCarthyNH HouseCA 2(Conway, Chatham, Eaton)
GlennCordelliNH HouseCA 4(Sandwich, Moultonborough, Tuftonboro)
EdComeauNH HouseCA 5(Ossipee, Effingham, Wakefield, Brookfield)
LinoAvellaniNH HouseCA 5(Ossipee, Effingham, Wakefield, Brookfield)
AnneCartwrightNH HouseCH 2(Surry, Alstead, Marlow)
RuthWardNH HouseCH 3(Stoddard, Nelson, Sullivan, Gilsum)
JamesCleavelandNH HouseCH 4(Keene W1)
RichardSainsburyNH HouseCH 12(Swanzey, Richmond)
JimMcConnellNH HouseCH 12(Swanzey, Richmond)
DerekMelansonNH HouseCH 14(Jaffrey, Dublin, Harrisville, Roxbury, Rindge, Fitzwilliam)
DickThackstonNH HouseCH 15(Swanzey, Richmond, Winchester, Marlborough, Troy)
VarrinSwearingenNH HouseCH 16(Keene)
ConanSaladaNH HouseCH 16(Keene)
JerrySickelsNH HouseCH 16(Keene)
MichaelFurbushNH HouseCO 1(Northern Coos Cty)
Laurence MRappaportNH HouseCO 1(Northern Coos Cty)
LeonRideoutNH HouseCO 7(Southwest Coos Cty)
GregorySorgNH HouseGR 3(Bath, Benton, Easton, Landaff, Warren, Piermont, Orford)
EdmondGionetNH HouseGR 5(Lincoln, Livermore, Waterville Valley, Woodstock)
EdwardSwansonNH HouseGR 8(Plymouth, Hebron, Holderness)
RobertHullNH HouseGR 9(Bristol, Alexandria, Ashland, Bridgewater, Grafton)
MikeLorreyNH HouseGR 10(Enfield)
DuaneBrownNH HouseGR 16(Central Grafton Cty)
RobertFredetteNH HouseHI 1(Hillsborough, Windsor, Antrim)
NealKurk*NH HouseHI 2(Weare, Deering)
DavidBedardNH HouseHI 3(Greenfield, Hancock, Bennington)
WilliamFosterNH HouseHI 5(New Boston, Mont Vernon)
WilliamO’BrienNH HouseHI 5(New Boston, Mont Vernon)
JamesButcherNH HouseHI 6(Goffstown)
GilbertDesjardinsNH HouseHI 6(Goffstown)
RickChristieNH HouseHI 6(Goffstown)
NicholasZarickiNH HouseHI 6(Goffstown)
EmilyO’NeillNH HouseHI 7(Bedford)
BartFromuthNH HouseHI 7(Bedford)
LindaGouldNH HouseHI 7(Bedford)
KeithMurphyNH HouseHI 7(Bedford)
KristenNobleNH HouseHI 7(Bedford)
LawrenceCheethamNH HouseHI 7(Bedford)
JosephLachanceNH HouseHI 8(Manchester W1)
AnthonyPughNH HouseHI 9(Manchester W2)
DougWhitfieldNH HouseHI 9(Manchester W2)
DanielHeckNH HouseHI 10(Manchester W3)
LarryGagneNH HouseHI 13(Manchester W6)
SteveVaillancourtNH HouseHI 15(Manchester W8)
MarkMcLeanNH HouseHI 15(Manchester W8)
VictoriaSullivanNH HouseHI 16(Manchester W9)
SteveStefanikNH HouseHI 16(Manchester W9)
DanGarthwaiteNH HouseHI 17(Manchester W10)
TammySimmonsNH HouseHI 17(Manchester W10)
JordanGamacheNH HouseHI 18(Manchester W11)
EmilySandbladeNH HouseHI 18(Manchester W11)
SonyaBroulidakisNH HouseHI 19(Manchester W12)
FrankByronNH HouseHI 20(Litchfield)
PaulMarquisNH HouseHI 20(Litchfield)
RalphBoehmNH HouseHI 20(Litchfield)
TonyPellegrinoNH HouseHI 21(Merrimack)
JoshuaMooreNH HouseHI 21(Merrimack)
JeanineNotterNH HouseHI 21(Merrimack)
PhilStraightNH HouseHI 21(Merrimack)
RichardHinchNH HouseHI 21(Merrimack)
StephenStepanekNH HouseHI 22(Amherst)
RobertRoweNH HouseHI 22(Amherst)
PeterHansenNH HouseHI 22(Amherst)
NateJensenNH HouseHI 22(Amherst)
BarbaraBiggieNH HouseHI 23(Milford)
MarkLinnNH HouseHI 23(Milford)
JimCoffeyNH HouseHI 25(New Ipswich, Sharon, Temple)
MatthewKozsanNH HouseHI 27(Hollis)
EricEastmanNH HouseHI 28(Nashua W1)
ElizabethFerreiraNH HouseHI 28(Nashua W1)
CarlSeidelNH HouseHI 28(Nashua W1)
DonaldMcClarrenNH HouseHI 29(Nashua W2)
ElizabethVan TwuyverNH HouseHI 31(Nashua W4)
DonaldLeBrunNH HouseHI 32(Nashua W5)
DavidMurotakeNH HouseHI 32(Nashua W5)
BarryPalmerNH HouseHI 32(Nashua W5)
MichaelReedNH HouseHI 33(Nashua W6)
RonSimoneauNH HouseHI 33(Nashua W6)
EdithHoganNH HouseHI 34(Nashua W7)
DuaneEricksonNH HouseHI 34(Nashua W7)
DouglasHabeckerNH HouseHI 34(Nashua W7)
RonaldBrophyNH HouseHI 35(Nashua W8)
BillOhmNH HouseHI 36(Nashua W9)
BarbieMahoneyNH HouseHI 36(Nashua W9)
JosephKrasuckiNH HouseHI 36(Nashua W9)
EricEstevezNH HouseHI 37(Hudson, Pelham)
KimRiceNH HouseHI 37(Hudson, Pelham)
EricSchleienNH HouseHI 37(Hudson, Pelham)
LynneOberNH HouseHI 37(Hudson, Pelham)
RussellOber IIINH HouseHI 37(Hudson, Pelham)
GregorySmithNH HouseHI 37(Hudson, Pelham)
JimKofaltNH HouseHI 38(Central Hillsborough Cty)
FrankEdelblutNH HouseHI 38(Central Hillsborough Cty)
JohnBurtNH HouseHI 39(Goffstown, Weare, Deering)
KeithAmmonNH HouseHI 40(Milford, New Boston, Mont Vernon, Hollis)
LaurieSanbornNH HouseHI 41(Bedford, Amherst)
PhillipHarrisNH HouseHI 42(Manchester W1, 2, 3)
BrendanRossNH HouseHI 42(Manchester W1, 2, 3)
RichardOlson Jr.NH HouseHI 43(Manchester W4, 5, 6, 7)
RhondaLambertNH HouseHI 44(Manchester W8, 9, Litchfield)
DeborahOlsztaNH HouseHI 44(Manchester W8, 9, Litchfield)
AndreMartelNH HouseHI 44(Manchester W8, 9, Litchfield)
JerryBergevinNH HouseHI 45(Manchester W10, 11, 12)
AlbertEvartsNH HouseHI 45(Manchester W10, 11, 12)
HaroldFrenchNH HouseME 2(Franklin W1, 2, Hill)
WernerHornNH HouseME 2(Franklin W1, 2, Hill)
GregoryHillNH HouseME 3(Franklin W3, Northfield, Boscowen)
MarkLindsleyNH HouseME 6(Henniker, Bradford)
PatrickPageNH HouseME 7(Warner, Webster)
MichaelMoffettNH HouseME 9(Loudon, Canterbury)
KimBoltNH HouseME 20(Chichester, Pembroke)
DanMcGuireNH HouseME 21(Pittsfield, Epsom)
DavidPalfreyNH HouseME 21(Pittsfield, Epsom)
ScottMcDonaldNH HouseME 22(Allenstown)
JohnMartinNH HouseME 23(Bow, Dunbarton)
JRHoellNH HouseME 23(Bow, Dunbarton)
BillKuchNH HouseME 23(Bow, Dunbarton)
DickMarpleNH HouseME 24(Hooksett)
AdamJenningsNH HouseME 24(Hooksett)
CarolMcGuireNH HouseME 29(Pittsfield, Epsom, Allenstown)
BrianStoneNH HouseRO 1(Northwood)
BruceHodgdonNH HouseRO 1(Northwood)
JoeDuarteNH HouseRO 2(Nottingham, Deerfield, Candia)
JamesSpillaneNH HouseRO 2(Nottingham, Deerfield, Candia)
RomeoDanaisNH HouseRO 2(Nottingham, Deerfield, Candia)
L. MikeKapplerNH HouseRO 3(Raymond)
JasonOsborneNH HouseRO 4(Auburn, Chester, Sandown)
William MichaelGannonNH HouseRO 4(Auburn, Chester, Sandown)
FrankCarrio Sr.NH HouseRO 4(Auburn, Chester, Sandown)
JamesHeaddNH HouseRO 4(Auburn, Chester, Sandown)
RobertIntroneNH HouseRO 5(Londonderry)
ShermPackardNH HouseRO 5(Londonderry)
AlBaldasaroNH HouseRO 5(Londonderry)
DanaCoonsNH HouseRO 5(Londonderry)
KatherinePrudhomme-O’BrienNH HouseRO 6(Derry)
BobFeshNH HouseRO 6(Derry)
BeverlyFerranteNH HouseRO 6(Derry)
JohnPotucekNH HouseRO 6(Derry)
CoryReynoldsNH HouseRO 6(Derry)
CharlesMcMahonNH HouseRO 7(Windham)
MarkSamselNH HouseRO 7(Windham)
WalterKolodziejNH HouseRO 7(Windham)
MichelleLevellNH HouseRO 7(Windham)
MaryGriffinNH HouseRO 7(Windham)
JosephSweeneyNH HouseRO 8(Salem)
DavidBruceNH HouseRO 8(Salem)
DaneHoover Jr.NH HouseRO 8(Salem)
MarthaSpaldingNH HouseRO 8(Salem)
BiancaGarciaNH HouseRO 8(Salem)
PatrickBickNH HouseRO 8(Salem)
MichaelPetrilli Sr.NH HouseRO 8(Salem)
MichaelFlathersNH HouseRO 8(Salem)
JefferyHarrisNH HouseRO 9(Epping)
JasonAntoszNH HouseRO 9(Epping)
DanielItseNH HouseRO 10(Fremont)
AllenCookNH HouseRO 11(Brentwood)
AnnHoweNH HouseRO 13(Hampstead, Kingston)
DennisGreenNH HouseRO 13(Hampstead, Kingston)
FrankFerraroNH HouseRO 18(Exeter)
NelsonLourencoNH HouseRO 18(Exeter)
PatrickAbramiNH HouseRO 19(Stratham)
JoanneWardNH HouseRO 19(Stratham)
MaxAbramsonNH HouseRO 20(Seabrook, Hampton Falls)
FrederickRiceNH HouseRO 21(Hampton)
MichelePeckhamNH HouseRO 22(North Hampton)
PamelaTuckerNH HouseRO 23(Greenland, Newington)
RayTweedieNH HouseRO 24(Rye, New Castle)
HarrietCadyNH HouseRO 32(Nottingham, Deerfield, Candia, Northwood)
TimothyComerfordNH HouseRO 33(Fremont, Brentwood)
JeffreyOlignyNH HouseRO 34(Hampstead, Kingston, Plaistow, Atkinson)
BrianGrisetNH HouseRO 36(Exeter, Stratham, Newfields, Newmarket)
RobbieParsonsNH HouseST 1(Milton, Middleton)
JohnMullen, JrNH HouseST 1(Milton, Middleton)
JoePitreNH HouseST 2(Farmington)
TedWhiteNH HouseST 3(Strafford, New Durham)
KurtWuelperNH HouseST 3(Strafford, New Durham)
MichaelHarringtonNH HouseST 3(Strafford, New Durham)
JennyWilsonNH HouseST 4(Barrington)
LenTurcotteNH HouseST 4(Barrington)
DavidChildsNH HouseST 6(Durham, Madbury)
RonaldSearsNH HouseST 8(Rochester W6)
SteveBeaudoinNH HouseST 9(Rochester W2)
WarrenGroenNH HouseST 10(Rochester W3)
SusanDeLemusNH HouseST 11(Rochester W4)
RobertKnowlesNH HouseST 12(Rochester W5)
SandraBickfordNH HouseST 13(Dover W1)
DavidMartinNH HouseST 15(Dover W3)
ThomasSellerNH HouseST 16(Dover W4)
DonaldAndolinaNH HouseST 17(Dover W5, 6)
HarrisondeBreeNH HouseST 17(Dover W5, 6)
JoeFraserNH HouseST 17(Dover W5, 6)
CatherineCheneyNH HouseST 17(Dover W5, 6)
JodiLavoie CarnesNH HouseST 18(Somersworth W1, 3, 4, 5, Rollinsford)
RomaineRouseNH HouseST 18(Somersworth W1, 3, 4, 5, Rollinsford)
GuyEatonNH HouseST 19(Dover W1, 2)
MargaCoulpNH HouseST 20(Dover W3, 4)
SamuelCheneyNH HouseST 21(Dover W5, 6, Somersworth, Rollinsford)
ThomasKaczynski Jr.NH HouseST 22(Rochester W1, 6)
DonLeemanNH HouseST 23(Rochester W2, 3)
LauraJonesNH HouseST 24(Rochester W4, 5)
JoeHannonNH HouseST 25(Lee, Barrington)
DonWenzNH HouseSU 1(Springfield, Grantham, Cornish, Plainfield)
LauraWardNH HouseSU 1(Springfield, Grantham, Cornish, Plainfield)
BillWalkerNH HouseSU 1(Springfield, Grantham, Cornish, Plainfield)
SpecBowersNH HouseSU 2(Sunapee, Croydon)
NeilWardNH HouseSU 3(Claremont W1)
ErnieBridgeNH HouseSU 6(Newport, Unity)
StevenSmithNH HouseSU 11(Southern Sullivan Cty)

AFP does not endorse candidates. All elected officials and candidates are encouraged to sign the pledge and go on the record in support of limited government and fiscal restraint.

*Rep. Kurk does not sign pledges, but indicated his support for all of the pledge items.

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