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Americans For Prosperity Foundation-New Hampshire Releases Second Annual Legislative Score Card

July 10, 2012

WINDHAM – The New Hampshire chapter of Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFP Foundation-NH) is releasing today its second annual Legislative Score Card. The score card measures how legislators in Concord voted on bills relating to economic freedom and prosperity.

“We are proud to release our second annual legislative score card that details how legislators voted on key issues impacting economic freedom in the state,” said AFP Foundation-NH State Director, Corey R. Lewandowski. “We hope that NH voters will find this score card to be a valuable tool and educational resource as they assess their State Senator and State Representatives.”

AFP Foundation-NH compiled vote tallies from the New Hampshire House of Representatives and State Senate and assigned each member a grade based upon the percentage of votes they cast in line with pro-prosperity positions. In order to receive an “A+” rating and earn the title “Protector of Prosperity,” a member of the House or Senate had to be present for all votes scored and have voted in support of the AFP Foundation-NH position.

During the biennial session, in the State Senate, 1 member received an “A+,” 5 received an “A,” 4 received a “B,” 7 received a “C,” 2 received a “D,” and 5 members received an “F.”

In the House of Representatives, 26 members received an “A+,” 206 received an “A,” 24 received a “B,” 13 received a “C,” 7 received a “D,” and 120 received an “F.”

“This score card is part of our on-going effort to educate citizens about pro-prosperity issues,” continued Lewandowski. “We look forward to continuing those efforts this fall and beyond.”

To view the 2012 AFP Foundation-NH Score Card CLICK HERE.

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