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Americans for Prosperity Comments on Governor’s Announcement of Enrollment in ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion

June 16, 2014 J,

MANCHESTER – Americans for Prosperity – New Hampshire (AFP-NH) offered the following comments in response to Governor Hassan’s announcement of the open enrollment period for the expanded Medicaid program under the Affordable Care Act, commonly called ObamaCare. “While Governor Hassan is trying her best to put lipstick on a pig, the reality is that the […]

Americans for Prosperity Launches Ad Holding Shaheen Accountable for Lost Hospital Access

June 11, 2014 J,

MANCHESTER – Americans for Prosperity – New Hampshire (AFP-NH) today launched a major TV ad effort holding Senator Jeanne Shaheen accountable for her support for ObamaCare and the impact it is having on access to local hospitals across the state.  Ten of the state’s 26 hospitals are not included in network offered through the ObamaCare […]

Americans for Prosperity Says Audit Showing Mismanagement of Tax Credits Shows Lack of Accountability, Need for Transparency in State

June 10, 2014 J

MANCHESTER – Americans for Prosperity – New Hampshire (AFP-NH) pointed to a performance audit by the Legislative Budget Assistant (LBA) showing that the state Department of Resources and Economic Development (DRED) mismanaged over $875,000 in unearned tax credits and failed to give over $120,000 in tax credits that should have been earned in 2011-12 as […]