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Will Your Legislators Support a State Income Tax?

November 20, 2012

First, members of the NH General Court are filing bills for the next legislative session which will begin in January. Among the bills you may want to watch is one submitted by State Rep. Peter Sullivan that would establish a 1% personal income tax in NH. Additionally, State Rep. Larry Rappaport has introduced a bill that would require any utility company undertaking an “elective” project to bury the transmission lines. You can read more about how this relates to Northern Pass HERE. We will monitor these pieces of proposed legislation and keep you apprised of their status.

Second, the question of how the health care exchange required by President Obama’s health care takeover will run in NH is also likely to be debated. As you may recall, during the last legislative session, AFP-NH supported HB 1560 which would have established an interstate Health Care Compact that would have empowered member states with the authority to enact state laws that superseded any and all federal laws regarding health care within the state. Unfortunately, HB 1560 was Laid on the Table in the Senate. You can read more about the current debate HERE.

Third, lawmakers continue to suggest that changes be made to the Liquor Commission as a result of the findings of the Special House Committee to Evaluate the NH State Liquor Commission. Proposed changes include cutting the number of commissioners from three to one as well as having the Legislature reclaim full oversight over the agency’s budget. You can read more about it HERE.

Finally, this Saturday, November 24 is Small Business Saturday. Use THIS LINK to learn more about the small businesses in your community and how you can support them

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